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B - Consequences Induced by the Belts Modification





       Since the SLC International Convention of Montreal, on September 2004, the Belts with four colors item available in four Ranks, adopted by Sa-Long-Cương Martial Drill Halls in Việt-Nam and in few other countries on the world were like below :


SLC International Belts


SLC Việt-Nam Belts



       Why this Belts modification in the Sa-Long-Cương School System is it thus illogical ?

       - It's illogical for Three Reasons :

       1.  Firstly, if theYellow Belt Rank includes a red fabric inferior band (from Red Belt Rank), why the Red Belt Rank doesn't include a green fabric inferior band (from Green Belt Rank), and why the Green Belt Rank doesn't include a black fabric inferior band (from Black Belt Rank) ?

       2. - Secondly, if :
                 from Black Belt Rank, we pass to Green Belt Rank before passing to Green Belt Rank 1rst                                    Degree,  
                -  from Green Belt Rank First Degree, we pass to Red Belt Rank before passing to Red Belt Rank 1rst                    Degree.
              Why, at first, don't we pass then from Red Belt Rank 2nd Degree to Yellow Belt Rank, but directly to Yellow Belt Rank 1rst Degree ?

       3. - Thirdly, the Blue Belt Rank is hierarcally inferior to the Green Belt Rank and doesn't logically allow it to reach the Red Belt Rank.


       This illogical modification causes Two important Consequences :
       A) - Firstly, the Belts Colours Hierarchical Tradition codifying the various Grades is not yet respected.

       B) - Secondly, it disrupts the various Yellow Belts Ranks.   By making persons skip directly from Red Belt Rank 2nd Degree to Yellow Belt Rank 1rst Degree, voluntarily or involuntarily, we have allowed to persons from Yellow Belts 3rd Degree to pass suddenly into Yellow Belts 4th Degree (Martial Arts Masters) while their fundamental martial capacities don't correspond to their Belt Rank.  




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