Statuary of Armoured Warriors from LÊ of the Renaissance Dynasty (1533~1789)
- Mausoleum of Generalissimo Lê Trung Nghĩa
at the time of Lord TRỊNH-Sâm (1767~1782) -

Credit Photo : Prf. Đặng Phương Mai


       When we talk about armours, as Vietnameses, we think immediatly to Dame Triệu-Thị-Trinh (225 - 248 A.D.) since she raised up his army for fighting the Cữu-Chân kingdom in the year of 248 after J.C., vêtue de his golden armour, montant his white elephant for going to the front. And that why his soldiers and officers had acclamed her under the title of « Flower Beauty Generalissimo - 蕊 嬌 將 軍 ».

       We think also to words of Emperor Trần-Duệ-Tông (1337-1377 A.D.) addressing to generalissimo Đỗ-Lễ, when he went himselft in war, driving the famous destrier "Nê-Thông" (Night-Blue with Metal Mud-Grey Highlights Horse, extremly rare and precious) with his Black Steel Armor, and conducting 120.000 men, in departure from the capitale, for a punitive expedition against the Champa on January 24th 1377 (Cf. Complete History of Đại-Việt  - Book VII page 161 ) :
       - « Me, I wear a solid armor, holding in my hand an edged sword, bravant the wind and the rain, crossing rivers and getting over mountains for penetrating enemy land, nobody will dare to confront me, that's God blesses me… »

       And us, as Vietnameses, we still think more to the anecdotical history about Quang-Trung emperor of Tây-Sơn, when with his army, he finished to take over the fortress of Ngọc-Hồi held by Manchus, on the 5th day of the New Year Feast Day in 1789,  his armour was blackened by the gunpowder…

       In addition, we must also talk about :


       A - The Synoptic of the Armour's Evolution

       B - The Armour's Comparative Study

       C - The Historic Re-Enactment - (Photos Gallery)

       D - The Discussion about the War Horse Armour

       E - The Discussion about the War Elephant Armour



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