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       When we tackle about the Traditional Martial Arts of Bình-Định, we must talk about the breath technique called «Internal Work - Nội-Công» (Nei-Kong) that it is called, in the world nowadays, « Work of Breath - Khí-Công » (Gi-Gong) that many persons in the world make the confusion with it's called currently "Work of Breath - Khí-Công" (Gi-Gong). To tell the truth, the Internal Work method differ from those of the Work of Breath

       In ours days, Breath Techniques are disclosed more or less all over the world by People's Republique of China under the name of «Gi-Gong or Khí-Công».

       In addition, there are noumerous martial students who still mix up "Work of Breath - Khí-Công" (Gi-Gong) and «Internal Work - Nội-Công» (Nei-Kong) with "Work of Hardening - Ngạnh-Công" (Ying-Gong).


The Work of Breath (Khí-Công - 氣功)

       The Work of Breath (Khí-Công) is a purification method of Vital Breath Energy. It includes two distinct breathing methods :

       1). The method inherent in the purification of « Posterior-Sky Vital Breath Energy » (Hậu-Thiên Khí) ;

       2). The method inherent in the purification of « Anterior-Sky Vital Breath Energy » (Tiên-Thiên Khí).

       The Method of « Eight Pieces of Brocade - Bát-Đoạn-Cẩm » is the « Work of Breath (Khí-Công) » Method the best known, in which exist two parts : "Bát-Đoạn-Cẩm Martial Part" and " Bát-Đoạn-Cẩm Civil Part".

       The "Bát-Đoạn-Cẩm Martial Part" belongs to that's called "Dynamic Purification - Động-Luyện" - with a codified sequence including 8 coded lines of verse - which is the most widely divulged everywhere in the world ; however, the "Bát-Đoạn-Cẩm Civil Part " belongs to that's named "Static Purification - Tĩnh-Luyện", very little disclosed by an authentical transmission.


The Internal Work (Nội-Công - 內功)

       The Internal Work (Nội-Công) consists in "transforming Energy of Seminal Essence into Energy of Vital Breath, then in transforming Energy of Vital Breath into Spiritual Energy and finaly in doing return Spiritual Energy into the Sphere of Void".

       They're Methodes of Internal Respiration Control in order to train for forging Internal Force and Undisturbed Seated Posture for Perfecting one’s Consciousness and Improving one's Nature.

       The Internal Work (Nội-Công) in the Traditional Martial Arts of Việt-Nam includes generally two different and conflicting training methods :

       1). The training method interesting « Inferior Cinabar Field » (at the vital point called "Ocean of Energy", three fingers beam from under the navel), still called « Internal Work of Inferior Vehicle » and that the breath technique calls for the Retention of Breath and for the Mobilization of Breath by the Mind according to method of « Upward Expiration and Downward Inspiration », as in the ones of « Little Celestrial Rosary » and of « Great Celestrial Rosary », or those of «Purification of Marrow» from Taoisms, or still the ones of « Transmutation of Tendons Sûtra » from Bodhidharma.                 This training method of the « Internal Work of Inferior Vehicle » is relatively easy but it includes full of dangers.
        If the Martial Student rushes to do his practice, he will be very easy to have his peritoneum riped and if he makes errors in his practice, he will have a heart condition and will have his eyes turn red because the « Vessel of Attack » is seriously affected, or he will be subjected to psychic troubles and the sexual madness caused by the Tricuspide Fire of Kundalini, or he will be victim of Spermatorrhea leading him to the paralysis because of the damage to Point of Acupuncture « Ocean of Energy - Khí-Hải ». They're are about the symptoms of psycho-physiological pathology due to the anarchic rising of the Kundalini's Tricuspide Fire .
        If the practice of Martial Student is correct, the latter will release partially his Nâdis and he will own a potential internal power but he will become avid for sexuality, he will have easy fallen prey to unforeseen fit of anger because the accumulation of suppressed-energies which are compressed.

       2). The training method interesting «Superior Cinabar Field» (at the vital point, called "Hundred Reunions - Bách-Hội" and situated at the top of the head) still called « Internal Work of Superior Vehicle » and that the breathing technique mobilizes the the Pure Breath Energy (Thanh-Khí-Điễn), according to the Spiritual Perfecting and Vital-Principle Care method : it means No Retention of Breath in the lower abdomen but with Exhalation by the Top of the Head and with a deep and continual breathing as a rotating wheel and it's called «Setting in Motion the Dharma Wheel» (Dharma-Shakra Prâvastana).
       We would like to say here that practioner wanting to achieve in the training for this «Internal Work of Superior Vehicle» needs to learn the method of Concentration of Three Energies that are « the Essential Seminal Energy, the Vital Breath Energy and the Spiritual Energy » throughout the method of « Blocking Vital Points for opening the Nine Orifices ».
        That's about a breathing technique handed down since the time when Bouddha Shakyamuni teached in bygone days at Benares and preserved nowadays at the mountainous region of Tà-Lơn, in Thất-Sơn, Việt-Nam.
        This training Method of the « Superior Vehicle Internal Work » is relatively difficult and it requires a true transmission by an experienced practising but it includes no danger because it has Neither Retention of Breath Nor Mobilization of Breath by the Mind. If Martial Student makes errors in his practice, he will loose time because it will not be efficient. If he practises correctly, he will release his Nâdis, he will own an internal force in abundance and a clearsighted, intuitive, serene Soul.



       The training Program according to the Work of Breath method and those of the Internal Work in the SA-LONG-CƯƠNG Martial School System include :

       I - The Implementation of Vital Breath Energy and the Mobilization of Vital Breath Energy - Method studied for a long time by Martial Rector Master Trương-Bá-Ðương in order to incorporate it into the Teaching Programme of our Martial Arts School System :

              - «The Implementation of Vital Breath Energy» :
                        1. The Lashing Hands (Phất-Thủ) ;
                        2. The White Crane Speading his Wings (Bạch-Hạc Lượng Sí) ;
                        3. The General Drawing his Sword (Tướng-Quân Bạt Kiếm) ;
                        4. Two Dragons Playing in the Water (Nhị-Long Hí Thủy).

              - «The Mobilization of Vital Breath Energy» - This Method was named «Breath Work Curative Method - Khí-Công Liệu-Pháp - 氣 功 療 法» by Martial Rector Master Trương-Bá-Ðương :
                        1. The Hands Bringing the Shield (Khiên Duyên Thủ) ;
                        2. The Separating Hands (Phân Thủ) ;
                        3. To Set in Motion the Strength on the Left and on the Right (Tả Hữu Chuyển Kình) ;
                        4. The Iron Hands (Thiết-Thủ) ;
                        5. The Double Palm of the Bear (Song Hùng-Chưởng) ;
                        6. The Palm of the Hand Pushing away the Mountain (Thôi-Sơn Chưởng).

       II - The Eight Pieces of Brocade - Bát-Đoạn-Cẩm (八 段 錦) Method : Only the «Bát-Đoạn-Cm Martial Part» with 8 coded lines of verse is passed on us by the Grand-Maître Trương-Thanh-Đăng :
                        1. Lưỡng thủ kình Thiên lý Tam Tiêu -  兩 手 擎 天 理 三 焦 ;
                        2. Tả Hữu Khai Cung Tự Xạ Điêu -  左 右 開 弓 似 射 鵰 ;
                        3. Điều lý tỳ vị đơn cử thủ -  調 理 脾 胃 單 舉 手 ;
                        4. Ngũ lao, thất thương vọng hậu tiều -  五 勞 七 傷 望 後 瞧 ;
                        5. Dao đầu bãi vĩ khử tâm hỏa -  搖 頭 擺 尾 去 心 火 ;
                        6. Bối hậu thất điên bách bệnh tiêu -  背 後 七 顛 百 病 消 ;
                        7.Toán quyền nộ mục tăng khí lực -  攥 拳 怒 目 增 氣 力 ;
                        8. Lưỡng thủ phàn túc cố thận yêu -  兩 手 攀 足 固 腎 腰.

       III - The Eighteen Techniques of Internal Work Postures (Tấn Nội-Công Thập-Bát Thế) : These techniques are inherente in the method of the « Internal Work of Inferior Vehicle » ;
by consequent, we have excluded it from the Teaching Programme of our Bình-Định SA-LONG-CƯƠNG Martial Arts School System in order to avoid risks of psycho-physiological disorders due to the anarchic rising of the Kundalini's Tricuspide Fire .

       IV - The Three Codified Sequences of the «Tendons Toning» (Luyên Gân Thảo-pháp I, II & III) : Techniques passed on by Grand-Master Trương-Thanh-Đăng in addition to the Technique of « Transmutation of Tendons » from «Dịch-Cân-Kinh» ("Yi Jin Jing" 易 筋 經).

       In view of what is said above, our Bình-Định SA-LONG-CƯƠNG Martial Arts School System does exclusively pass down the training method interesting «Superior Cinabar Field», mobilizing the Work of the Breath (Khí-Công) for the Spiritual Perfecting and Vital-Principle Care, according to the purification of «Anterior-Sky Vital Breath Energy» (Tiên-Thiên Khí) method.



The Undisturbed Seated Posture - The Breath Work Mobilizing Energy 


« Undisturbed Seated Posture »
( Nhiếp-Tâm Tĩnh-Tọa )

Our Sea must calm so that the Pearl of Enlightenment appears ;
Our Heart must release handholds so that the Spritual Energy expesses oneself.

Biển cho lặng Minh-Châu mới hiện
Lòng cho riêng mới gọi là Thần.

                                                                                                                         Revered Master Đỗ Thuần Hậu
                                                                                                                                       (1883 - 1967)


       In view of what is said above, our Bình-Định SA-LONG-CƯƠNG Martial Arts School System passes on excluxively :

       1 - Method of « Undisturbed Seated Posture - Nhiếp Tâm Tĩnh-Tọa » : that is the Meditative-Contemplation Method, inherent in the purification of «Superior Cinabar Field», teaching practitioners :
          1.a) The Concentration of Three Energies : Energy of Seminal Essence Tinh - Energy of Vital Breath Khí - Spiritual Energy Thần, which areThree Jewels of human-being ;
           1.b) The Purification and Unlocking of the Organism ;
           1.c) The Opening of Spiritual Awareness.

       2 - Method of « Breath Work Mobilization - Vận Khí Tu-Dưỡng » : that is the Method of Spiritual Improvement mobilizing « Anterior-Sky Vital Breath Energy » (Tiên-Thiên Khí) and teaching practitioners :
           2.a) The Knowledge of Punch Power from Generator Movements Principle throughout the traditional Codified Sequences of « Lưu-Thủy & Hành-Vân » ;
           2.b) The Training for development of Internal Power of human-being.




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