Bình-Định Tây-Sơn
Traditional Battlefields Martial Arts













      The Traditional Martial Arts of Bình-Định have been forged for Battlefields and by Battlefields, since old times when Martial Arts still owned their crucial place in the war ; thus they have cristallized Trends of Battlefield Martial Arts. The most representative is the Martial Arts Trends known under the name of « Võ-Trận Bình-Định Tây-Sơn », a cultural heritage, intimately linked to History.

      Nowadays, with the development of NBC (Nuclear - Biological - Chemical) Weapons, the war doesn't wear at all the combative character of heroes and of combatants of law from ancient times. All spiritual values are cleared when on behalf of maximum effectiveness we invented weapons to mass destruction of humanity. And it is precisely this fact highlighted more than ever the precious Message of heroism stamped with humanity from a cultural heritage of Đại-Việt Traditional Battlefields Martial Arts of the past.




      I –   The Cultural Heritage

      II –  The Teaching Programme

      III – The Ranks and Degrees

      IV – The Ranks and Degrees Passage Exam

      V –  The Breathing Techniques


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