The Codified Sequence
of Bare Hands Fighting











       Among the « Eighteen Sections of Martial Arts», the one of «Bare Hands» is quoted in last place. Really, in the Martial Arts of Bình-Định, the «Codified Sequences of the Fist Art - Quyền-Thảo» belong however to a Section of Martial Arts with which the one training in first place martial students - and it's called «External Work - Ngoại-Công» - in concomitance with the breathing technique, called «Internal Work - Nội-Công».

          It's necessary for us to remember that in Traditional Martial Arts Studies of Vietnameses in bygone days, the Codified Sequences have always had itimate relations and links between them for structuring a Martial Arts Studies System, called School System. And then, each School System presented his Martial Students to Military Examination of Recrutment with his own Codified Sequences.

          The particular point in the Military Examination Tradition of Martial Arts of old Đại-Việt's Dynasties, is that the name of Coded Poems was only indicated but the content of the Codified Sequences was not fixed in advance, leaving various Martial School Systems free to express to their liking their Martial Arts studied, trained and preserved.

          And so that, Traditional Martial Arts of Việt-Nam have been truthly rich and diverse thanks to the Multiplicity of Codified Sequences Aspect while they can keep specifical nature of Việt people Martial Arts thanks to the Unicity of Martial Arts Concept and they have resplendished throughout how many histoty's heoric pages. And it's also thanks to that we did can enjoy so much precious Codified Sequences from various School System handed down and bequeathed by our Ancestors.

          By consequence in our days, we did can have numerous Codified Sequences of the same name « Đồng-Nhi », numerous Codified Sequences of the same name «Thần-Đồng », numerous Codified Sequences of the same name « Thiền-Sư », numerous Codified Sequences of the same name « Lão-Mai », numerous Codified Sequences of the same name « Ngọc-Trản », etc.


          The Codified Sequences of Bare Hands Fighting essential to the pedagogy inherent in our Teaching Programme of Martial Arts studies are those from Bình-Định Traditional Martial Arts inherited a true transmission from Martial Arts Trends of Origin (from father to son) :


Essential Codified Sequences


  01 - Ngũ-Hành Chánh-Vị Quyền

  02 - Đồng-Nhi Quyền

  03 - Huỳnh-Long Quyền

  04 - Hắc-Lân Quyền

  05 - Lão-Quy Quyền

  06 - Xích-Phụng Quyền

  07 - Tý Thố Hổ Xà Quyền

  08 - Thần-Đồng Quyền

  09 - Yến-Phi Quyền 

  10 - Thiền-Sư Quyền

  11 - Phượng-Hoàng Quyền

  12 - Tiên-Ông Quyền

  13 - Hùng-Kê Quyền

  14 - Mãnh-Hổ Qui Sào Quyền

  15 - Lão-Mai Quyền

  16 - Tứ-Hải Quyền

  17 - Mộc-Thiều Quyền

  18 - Lưu-Thủy Hành-Vân Quyền...







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