2 - The Soft Fist Style





          The essential Codified Sequences of «Nhu-Quyền» (Soft Fist Style) field, conforming to the Polar Principle Âm (Yin - (陰) are inherent in Internal Style School, that means training for Yin Punch (Âm-Kình) by using the « Methode of Flow Water & Movement of Clouds Codified Sequences » in synergy with the « Method of Vital Breath Internal Work ». 

          These are Codified Sequences founded on a deep knowledge of effective movements developing Vital Energy and based on the « Flow of Water » and « Movement of Clouds » principle, wih continual movement, without breaking off.

« Flow of Water » and « Movement of Clouds »
Lưu-Thủy Hành-Vân)

          In these Codified Sequences of Soft Fist Style, the movements, all with softness and all with continuity as the fluidic flow of Water, all with lightness and with lowness like the floating movement with transformation of Clouds, mobilize our Vital Energy and circulate it in our Meridians for releasing them, tone up our organism in order to perfect his physiological functions.

          This Martial Art, inherent in Internal Style of « Vietnamese Internal Style Soft Fist », was invented by illustrious Generals of Đại-Việt, on their return from battlefields, in order to ensure fighters to recover quickly their strength and to intensfy their real estate in martial arts all rolled into one.

        Because the origin of « Lưu-Thủy Hành-Vân » Codified Sequences is inherent in Đại-Việt Battlefields Martial Arts School System, the « Soft-Fist Style of Đại-Việt » is totally different from « Soft-Fist Style of China » as « Tai-Chi Chuan », « Xing-Y Chuan » or as « Pa-Kua Chang » whom origin is the Taoist School System.

          This « Soft-Fist Style of Đại-Việt » has had crossed the centuries for passing down until to Mr Nguyễn Công Trứ 阮公著 (1778~1853), an illustrious Generalissimo, well read and warrior accomplished, at the time of NGUYỄN Dynasty under the court of three Kings Gia-Long, Minh-Mạng and Tự-Đức. It contains a certain number of Codified Sequences whom two are essential : Lưu-Thủy (流 水 - Flow of Water) and Hành-Vân (行 雲 - Movement of Clouds).

Martial Trainer Bernard NGUYỄN was presenting
the Codified Sequence from Soft Fist Style
« Flow of Water » ("Lưu-Thủy").

Martial Trainer Bernard NGUYỄN was presenting
the Codified Sequence from Soft Fist Style
Movement of Clouds » ("Hành-Vân").



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