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« Common Residence of the True Handed Down Tradition »
Công Gia Y Bát
( Ngôi Nhà Chung của Sự Chân-Truyền )



  Prologue :

       The name of Battlefields Martial Arts of Đại-Việt is the indication of a Discipline of Martial Arts among Four other Martial Arts Disciplines of Việt's people, existing since a long time in Đại-Việt Kingdom :

       1 - Discipline of Martial Arts for defending oneself, i.e. "Self-Defence Martial Arts" (Võ Tự-Vệ) ;
       2 - Discipline of Martial Arts for keeping the gardens and parcs, succinctly called "Gardens and Parks Martial Arts" (Võ Vườn) ;
       3 - Discipline of Martial Arts for keeping the Ricefields and Plantations, succinctly called "Ricefields and Plantations Martial Arts " (Võ Ruộng) ;
       4 - Discipline of Martial Arts for defending the Nation, succinctly called with modesty "Battlefields Martial Arts" (Võ Trận). 

       Thus, the Battlefields Martial Arts from Đại-Việt, an imponderable Heritage of Traditional Martial Arts Studies, forged for the battlefields and by the battlefields, include Martial Arts Schools of Origine and not Subsidary Martial Arts Schools. Even more so, these are not inherent in a falsified Discipline of Martial Arts with an usurped name.

       - The Martial Arts School of Origine belong to great families of secular Battlefields Martial Arts of Việt-Nam, with the conservation throughout generations in a true transmission, from Father to Son, as Martial Arts Lineages from Khiển-TƯỜNG, from Khiển-PHẠN, etc... It's thanks to this that Martial Arts Studies are really based on a solid School System, benefiting the efficient pedagogy came from a true transmission by several successive generations. The obvious proof is that Codified Sequences from these Martial Arts families are linked to each other by introducing mutually with a concise and clear manner, induced by an uniform Martial Arts Principial System. There are well Martial Arts Lineages (Võ Tộc).

       - The Subsidary Martial Arts School belong to the families of Martial Arts having studying near by many various Martial Arts Schools Ecoles in order to create their own School of which the pedagogy changes constantly by lack of a coherent System from an authentic Martial Arts School. The obvious proof is that Codified Sequences from these Martial Arts families are mended from numerous different Schools and don't share a same Martial Arts Principial System. Thus, there are Martial Arts Trends (Võ Lưu).

       It emerges from this consideration quoted previously that the concept of School System (Hệ-Phái) of Vietnamese Traditional Martial Arts holds a cultural sense immensely important. The simple reason of that is a School (Môn-Phái) worthy of the name needs to belong to a Philosophical System (Hệ-Thống Triết-Lý), called School System (Hệ-Phái).

       The thousand year old Traditional Martial Arts are large as the ocean, and they have been compared with an ancient tree including the Stump with Roots and Branches with Leaves.

       The being wanting to lead researches on Martial Arts Studies in view to preserve them, need to distinguish these Four Vietnamese Martial Arts Disciplines (Self-Defense Martal Arts, Garden and Parcs Martial Arts, Ricefields and Plantations Martial Arts, Battlefields Martial Arts) preciously quoted as well as to discern those belonging to the Martial Arts of Origine (from the Stump) and those belonging to the Subsidary Martial Arts (from the Branches), in order to clearly recognize each « School System ».




  The Teaching Section :


       Aiming at the goal for preserving efficiently and restoring correctly the Traditional Battlefields Martial Arts of Đại-Việt, our Teaching Section hands down THE Martial Arts Studies from Five Võ-Trạn's Lineages :


       1 - Võ-Trận's Lineage from Grand-Master « Commander PHẠM-Tường »

       2 - Võ-Trận's Lineage from Grand-Masters « Commander PHẠN & Commander THI »

       3 - Võ-Trận's Lineage from Grand-Master « Xả ĐÀNG NGUYỆN ( HÀ-Hân ) »

       4 - Võ-Trận's Lineage from Grand-Master « Hương-Kiểm LÀI »

       5 - Võ-Trận's Lineage from Grand-Master « TRƯƠNG Thanh Đăng »





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