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« Common Residence of the True Handed Down Tradition »
Công Gia Y Bát
(Ngôi Nhà Chung của Sự Chân-Truyền)



       The first Bình-Định Traditional Martial Arts Drill Hall established in foreign countries - since 1968 - under the aegis of Grand-Master Trương-Thanh-Đăng, was the one of SA-LONG-CƯƠNG ( 龍 崗) in France.

       In 1975, the Vietnamese Cultural Association of France (Association Culturelle Vietnamienne de France - A.C.V.F.) was established in order to promote the thousand years old culture of Việt-Nam throughout Bình-Định Martial Arts of SA-LONG-CƯƠNG School System.

Demonstration of the Art of the Unique Sword
during the Inauguration Day of A.C.V.F.
at Château des Fleurs (Marseille, France 1975).

Demonstration of the Art of the Two Matched Sword
during the Commemoration Day of Spiritual Founders
at Le Grand Hôtel (Marseille, France 1976).

       In 1987, with the aim of preserving and developing Traditional Martial Arts from Sa-Long-Cương School System, Master TRỊNH-Quang-Thắng opened his respective Drill Halls at Toulouse.

       Afterwards, Master TRỊNH-Quang-Thắng undertaken to travel throughout the world and to return to native country in the desire to perfect his knowelegde on Traditional Martial Arts of SA-LONG-CƯƠNG School System in particular, and of Bình-Định Battlefields Martial in general.

       In 1997, aiming at the goal for preserving efficiently and restoring correctly the cultural heritage of Traditional Martial Arts inherent in Battlefields Martial Arts of the Ancients, in the apolitical and non-profit spirit, Master TRỊNH Quang Thắng established the « Department of Đại-Việt Medieval Martial Arts - Bộ-Viện Võ-Trận Đại-Việt » and started to teach the Martial Arts on Foot Fighting and on Horseback Fighting.

     In 2004, the WEBsite : http://www.salongcuong-france.org was opened and replaced later by the WEBsite : http://www.binhdinh-salongcuong.org.

       In 2007, the Academy of Đại-Việt Medieval Martial Arts (Học-Viện Võ-Thuật Trung-Cổ Đại-Việt) was founded.

       And in the year of 2012 the WEBsite : http://www.votran-daiviet.org was put on line for presenting the
Martial Arts on Foot Fighting and on Horseback Fighting according to the ancient Tradition of Battlefields Martial Arts from Đại-Việt.

Master Trịnh Quang Thắng
was presenting on Foot Fighting the wielding of
« Pertuisane with Snakelike Blade »
(Bác Xà Mâu - 剝 蛇 矛).


Master Trịnh Quang Thắng
was presenting on Horseback fighting the wielding of
« Pertuisane with Snakelike Blade »
(Bác Xà Mâu - 剝 蛇 矛).


         In 2004, during the « 1st Convention of International SA-LONG-CƯƠNG » - organized at Pierrefonds and at Brossard (Canada) in the occasion of the Commemoration Day of the Grand-Master Trương-Thanh-Đăng - the definitive change from then on of the name « SA-LONG-CƯƠNG School System » into « BÌNH-ĐỊNH SA-LONG-CƯƠNG School System » was voted unanimously by all Martial Arts Masters and Instructors from various countries (France, USA, Canada, Việt-Nam and Italia) present.

       Our BÌNH-ĐỊNH SA-LONG-CƯƠNG School System in France acting in acordance with the name declared, give priorrty to conservation of authentic Medieval Martial Arts of BÌNH-ĐỊNH from illustriuous Lineages - Khiển-Tường, Khiển-Phạn & Khiển-Thi, Hương-Kiểm LÀI, Xả ĐÀNG Nguyện - and only conserves the authentic part of Bình-Định Martial Arts from SA-LONG-CƯƠNG School System teached by the late Grand-Master TRƯƠNG-Thanh-Đăng, in our Training Programme.


Committee of
Martial Arts Masters






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